High-performance stabilized sand


Colstab offers a range of attractive pavements for soft mobility options that blend into heritage environments: paths and tracks through parks, gardens and landscaped areas.
By tastefully showcasing the natural color of the aggregate, Colstab blends seamlessly into the environment of any listed site or building.

Colstab is appropriate for local traffic and maintenance vehicles.
All products in the Colstab range are produced cold. They offer optimized mechanical performance levels for targeted applications.

Range of COLSTAB

  • Colstab Castelith

A natural surface with character, created for drives leading to chateaux and through country estates. Stabilized with a hydraulic binder.

  • Colstab Compaxem

Suitable for soft mobility options or low traffic. Stabilized with a low-carbon hydraulic metakaolin-based binder. Colstab Compaxem becomes Colstab Ostrea if it incorporates recycled crushed oyster shells.

matières premieres bas co2  Carbon footprint reduced by at least 15%.

  • Colstab Ostrea

Stabilized made from recycled oyster shell sand and a metakaolin-based, low-carbon hydraulic binder, suitable for light or low-traffic traffic.

matières premieres bas co2 et recyclés  Carbon footprint reduced by at least 20%.

  • Colstab Geo

Suitable for soft mobility options or low traffic. Stabilized with a low-carbon alkaline binder.

matières premieres bas co2  Carbon footprint reduced by at least 25%.

  • Colstab Mineralith

A thin coating that is natural looking and features loose grains: a cold mix of aggregate plus a transparent, innovative organo-mineral binder.

optimisation structure  Carbon footprint reduced by at least 55%.

Reference solution using sand stabilized with traditional binder for all solutions.

The advantages of COLSTAB

  • Harmonious integration into the environment
  • Visibility of spaces
  • Limiting the effects of urban heat islands

Some achievements with COLSTAB


Colstab Castelith, Pauillac (France)

Terms of use COLSTAB

  • Thickness of 4 to 20 cm depending on grain size and kind of Colstab
  • A cold mix

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