Colas has developed recognized expertise in the design and construction of tracks and circuits, road infrastructure that must meet the highest performance levels. Thanks to our know-how in the design of the mix (highly modified bituminous binders) and the laying of the asphalt mix (maintaining the regularity of the pavement profile), Colas offers solutions with a high level of durable skid resistance, resistant to hydrocarbons, the most severe solicitations, etc.

Colas solutions for your project


The versatile high-performance mix

Betoflex is an asphalt mix with strong structuring capacities. It is mainly used for reinforcement work and on roads bearing particularly heavy traffic...


The mix that stands up to kerosene

Colnak is a compact asphalt mix for wearing courses that can withstand the accidental spillage of hydrocarbons.


Lightweight embankments

Compostyrene is a lightweight polystyrene embankment solution that has been tried and trusted by Colas for over 35 years...


The reinforced mix

Metalflex is the name of a unique and very effective process whereby a specific asphalt mix is reinforced by a metal honeycomb grid...


The most cost-effective structure

Optibase is a high-performance mix for sub-grade courses…


Lasting and safe

Rugocol is a range of compact asphalt mixes withstand stresses and strains incurred by all classes and types of traffic...

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